The Mercury Head™

I designed the Mercury Head to be an ergonomic, road-worthy guitar with a unique, modern twist. You’ll see some components that look familiar, but you’ll also see some features that make the Mercury Head more reliable and better playing than even other high-end guitars costing twice as much.

tmcc08Take a look at the side of the fretboard. Notice how the fret tangs are completely hidden? We use precision-cut pocketed fret slots, resulting in a more rigid neck and a smoother feel for the player. No more ridges or jutting fret ends!

tmcc09The neck pocket uses mated neck and body curves to keep the neck absolutely still in the neck pocket. And we use heavy-duty machine bolts and threaded inserts to join the neck to the body, creating a tighter and more serviceable joint than the typical four wood screws. No more need for chiropractic adjustments on your neck, and no more worries about your tuning being bumped out of whack!

20-IMG_0672The cutaway in the rear of the guitar allows it to be played in a variety of positions without any stress on your fretting hand, including classical-style.


  • Premium alder or swamp ash
  • Ultra-thin gloss Simtec finish in your choice of basic colors
  • Forearm and belly contours


  • Maple with maple or rosewood fretboard
  • 25.5″ scale length
  • Contoured neck joint mated with 2 machine bolts and threaded inserts
  • Progressive asymmetric or symmetric C neck profile, with choice of thickness, fretboard radius and nut width
  • Gloss or sanded Simtec finish
  • Vintage-style single-action truss rod with headstock access
  • 22 medium 6105 nickel silver frets
  • Blank fretboard or vintage-style dot inlays
  • Vintage-style side position markers
  • Graphtech TUSQ XL nut


  • Gotoh 510T-SF1 vibrato bridge
  • Gotoh vintage-style tuners
  • Electrosocket jack plate with Switchcraft jack
  • Solid acrylic or 3-ply plastic pickguard, aged white switch tip and MXR-style knobs
  • Dunlop Straplok-compatible strap buttons


  • DiMarzio Virtual Solo and Area T noiseless single-coil pickups
  • Fully shielded body cavities
  • 250k CTS audio taper pots
  • 3-way Oak Grigsby pickup selector blade switch
  • .022uF Orange Drop tone cap

Included Case

  • PRO TEC Contego ballistic nylon semi-hard case
Price: $2,000

Additional options (pricing $TBD)

  • Premium ultra-light swamp ash or other woods
  • Custom colors, pickguards and knobs
  • Choice of pickups and electronics configurations
  • Choice of hardware
  • Choice of case/gigbag
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