About me
I was a violinist for 17 years starting at age four, with five years at Juilliard. As a teenager, I started to get drawn into the sound of electric guitar via Andy Summers, The Edge, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix, and freshman year of college I finally got my first guitar.

Fast forward to today: I’ve recorded and gigged with bands in DC and NYC, most notably with Pink Floyd tribute Us Not Them and Radiohead tribute There, There. Along the way I’ve experienced the typical gigging musician’s ups and downs: driving to a show in Toronto in a white-out blizzard, electric shocks, gear mishaps, squandered opportunities, con-men, flakes, great gigs, good friends, good times. And over the years, in my downtime I also got more and more hands-on with modding, fixing and assembling my gear, culminating in 2011 with my first B-Way design, the Mercury Head.

On the book-learning side, I studied mechanical and materials engineering at Harvard and dabbled in electrical engineering, computer science and CAD/CAM. Eventually I shifted course and got a law degree at Columbia and now work as an attorney in the media industry. Funny that almost 20 years after my last engineering class, I finally put it to actual use making guitars.

In closing
B-Way Guitars is a labor of love. My goal is quality over quantity, and to ensure that every owner of a B-Way guitar is 100% satisfied not only with their instrument but also with my communication and support. I hope you find as much joy in playing a B-Way as I had in making it!

Ben Shin
B-Way Guitars