About me
In the ’90s I majored in mechanical and materials engineering at Harvard, where I also took classes in electrical engineering, computer science and CAD/CAM. That was also when I finally bought my first guitar, a cheap Les Paul knockoff, and started taking lessons after years as a classical violinist enviously stealing minutes at a time on my high school buddies’ guitars.

Over the next two decades I performed and recorded with bands in DC and NYC, most notably as bassist for Madelin Zero, as second guitarist for Jack Devine, as “David Gilmour” for the Pink Floyd tributes Us Not Them and Ameri-Floyd, and today as “Jonny Greenwood” for the Radiohead tribute There, There. Along the way I’ve gotten more and more obsessed and hands-on with maintaining, fixing and modding my instruments, and trying to understand the factors that make some guitars play and sound better than others. All of that tinkering finally culminated in my first original guitar design, the Mercury Head, and the start of B-Way Guitars. I’ve also gone far down the rabbit hole of digital sound design with modeling gear like the Line 6 Helix.

It’s been a great ride so far. The best part is hearing from players from all over the world enjoying my work. I even personally handed a Mercury Head to Walter Becker (his second B-Way, and he couldn’t have been more gracious) and watched him soundcheck it with Steely Dan at the Beacon Theatre. What a privilege it is to help people make music.