I love it.

All position functions sound good. All sound distinct.

I don’t know how much of the tone is coming from the pickups, or the fretboard wood, or the neck joint (or what combination), but it really sounds good.
Pretty hot/live…it was trying to start feeding back just as I was tuning it and medium-low volume. I think that’s going to be fun to play with. Absolutely controllable, so absolutely usable.

Feels good, too.
Comfortable to hold and play.

This is going to be a fun guitar. Compares very well to my P** ****** ** for just sounding and feeling like a top-notch guitar. I don’t know to explain that. I can tell my Y***** *** ***** is a quality guitar: low action, smooth, no flaws, good tone. But H**** is just a step above that…there is just a “this was made with love/care” vibe coming from my USA H***** like my D***** and C******* that’s lacking in the Y*****. But the P** and Mercury Head are even a step above that. I imagine that’s the same awesomeness that the S******* guitars are going to feel like…H**** USA quality and craftsmanship with something extra from a master craftsman. I think you made the right choice with who you chose to contract necks with. But that something extra, I think, is just…like it was designed to be extraordinary from the beginning.

Maybe I’m just projecting my excitement and $2000 expense into a hunk of wood and metal and plastic. But I don’t think so. Maybe it is just that this guitar somehow fits my fairly unique tastes (and yours, too). But again, I don’t think so.

There is something special about this guitar, even if I can’t exactly describe it. It just looks and feels like a luxury guitar.

I think you have a homerun here, and I hope it takes off for you.

Nathan A.
Springfield, VA
November 19, 2014

Ben, I plugged it in just a bit ago — and it’s fantastic. It sings like a bird. I have a partscaster that I put together a few years ago out of the best parts I could find, and that guitar sounds positively dead in comparison. The guitar has excellent sustain and plays like a dream — the setup is perfect. The tone that I was looking for is there. It’s harmonically complex and bright without being “icepicky.” It sounds alive when strummed acoustically, much more so than the S****. You have a wonderful design that sounds terrific and is a delight to play. I look forward to dialing in all kinds of tones (I use a Mesa 5:30). Thank you for the wonderful guitar. I’ll put a post a rave review on the Gear Page in a few days when I’ve had more time to play around on it.

Tom M.
New York City
September 25, 2013